When Latics United came into being, back in 2010, its aim was to bring Latics fans of all shapes and sizes together in a single cause. Primarily at that time it was to raise cold hard cash to get, fellow Latic, Anthony Ramsdale on the path towards independence. Thousands of pounds and four years later, Rammy is firmly ensconced in his own adapted bungalow and whilst that's mostly down to the dedication, hard work and patience of his parents Bernard and Sheila, you played a massive part in getting the ball rolling.

The idea that Latics fans could unite in this way was an important one to the lads behind the inception of Latics United. They saw an uncertain future for their club, a future beyond the Whelan family's stewardship where fans may need to unite to protect the thing we all have in common, Wigan Athletic Football Club, but once the cheque had been handed over, as fans started to run similar campaigns under different banners the decision was taken to shelve the Latics United name until the time came when it was needed again.

You'd shown everyone that Latics fans could come together and act, that they could stick together and back one of their own and we let that go on the basis that there were no big issues that need addressing at the time. What we didn't think about were the hundreds if not thousands of Latics fans that don't have a voice. The time has come to accept that maybe we missed a trick back then and whilst the club's future might not be at immediate risk, there could well be things where fan's opinions need to be heard, outside of their matchday rants, letters to the paper or social media timelines.

And so, we're putting our toe in the water. Reinventing Latics United as an idea, the idea that there is the scope and the need for an independent organisation to represent the views, opinions and desires of Latics fans. An independent organisation that isn't driven, or impeded, by commercial concerns and set-up to look after the best interests of Latics fans and in turn the best interests of the club.

We're not saying that now is the time for change at the club, but now is probably time to start preparing for the inevitable changes that will come. To start standing up for ourselves and each other to ensure that when the club's name is muddied or brought in disrepute, someone is there to defend it, to defend you.

We don't particular know what that means yet, what shape Latics United might take over the coming weeks, months or years, but we're thinking about it and are looking for people to help us do that thinking. If you think that's you then give us a shout using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. If we've piqued your interest and you want to kept upto date as things happen then you can subscribe to our mailing list and we'll be in touch.

Until then,

Let's Be Careful Out There.


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